Man Has An Effective Motivation To Work Out

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Working out to keep yourself fit and healthy is a very wise choice and a great investment too. There are tons of health benefits to working out. These include making you happier by producing hormones called endorphins, serotonin and noreponephrine which decrease negative feelings while improving your mood. Another and a very common one is losing extra flabs on your body, of course.

Exercising can even reduce health risks. This happens because exercising regularly can improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition, while decreasing both blood pressure and fat levels at the same time. Did we mention it improves skin complexion too? Ever seen post work-out glow?

In this funny clip a man can be seen doing sit ups and being rewarded kisses by several different girls who surround him in his work out station. Not a bad system if you ask him! It looked totally effective and pretty reliable as he successfully finished a total of eight sit ups without any complaints or even pauses, he even seemed to be very excited to get up. For a kiss that is! If that works for you and it’s all within limits, then there is absolutely no harm in proceeding with this hilarious method of working out.

The video which is shared by entertainment page called “Being Eastern” on social media platform Facebook, has been shared over 33 thousand times and viewed 3.6 million views times since the time of its posting. Clearly, a lot of people find it as funny as we do.

The discussions in the comment section also make up as premium content. One user left a comment that said “Although he’s performing sit-ups, the exercise should be called ‘The Casanova Crunch.’ while another wrote “The man is in the highest stage of Paradise.” He did technically work hard to get in that paradise, you know?


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