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UAE: Happy news for all employees and employers

Basher's second phase provides commercial license and license renewal services across the country's free zones and accommodates other types of companies including individual company license, limited liability company license and individual limited liability company license.

In the future, the initiative will also enable foreign investors (ie non-resident foreigners) to open companies in the UAE, register for VAT, open a bank account, post office box, landline and mobile phone line, and choose a place of business.

How to register?

In order to be able to log on to the "start your business" platform, the customer must have an UAE ID card and a digital identity account to log on to a starting platform. To complete the application, you must provide information about the economic activity and activities associated with it, Economic name.

There is no additional charge for using a service that starts your business, and only current fees charged by the relevant local and federal licensing authorities will apply to the standard procedure in each emirate. Payment is available to start business within 15 minutes through e-Dirham and credit card.

The following services are offered in one package: Business license, Chamber of Commerce membership number, ID card of the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Establishment number from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, and 3 work permits.

After submitting the application and completing the final payment process, all documents of the package will be issued electronically, and the investor will be able to start his business immediately. No documents must be submitted at the service submission stage, but after issuance of the commercial license and other documents, the investor will be given the time to provide the required documents: a year to provide the lease to the Department of Economic Development in the concerned emirate in which the facility was opened. As well as 60 days for the non-citizen partner to change his residence to the establishment of an investor and submit a copy of a valid NOC to the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality in the event that he is a civil servant or a housewife.

Project Objective

The Start Your Business initiative is based on the vision of the UAE towards enhancing the business environment to build a competitive, knowledge-based economy through the introduction and development of world-class quality initiatives with international standards and a stimulating regulatory environment that attracts investment.

The service is based on digital transaction technology or Block Shin, which aims to accelerate the establishment of businesses in a completely paperless environment, errors or trouble by simplifying the registration process, reducing manual procedures and paper transactions, and reduce the number of visits to the client that requires registration with other parties before Starting a business, thus achieving the customer happiness.

Another objective of the project is to raise the status of the country in national indicators by optimizing the use of smart government capabilities at the federal and local levels. Attracting more investors to the UAE and raising the UAE's ranking in the World Bank's Doing Business report.

5 axes

The initiative is concerned with five main axes:

1. Register of trade names: Automate the process of checking names and trademarks in departments and municipalities to serve the objectives of the project.

2- Re-engineering the formal procedures for completion of the registration, updating, renewal and payment procedures to become available electronically, provided that a notice of the license status is sent to the concerned authorities automatically.

3 - Identification of mechanisms to standardize registration processes, which means that the registration of the new company in the departments of economic development and municipalities will be able to register automatically with other parties, in addition to the extraction of commercial licenses, opening the card establishment, and to provide all the concerned authorities any amendments, renewal or notifications of status Commercial licenses of the concerned authorities.

4 - Mechanisms to issue licenses and certificates of companies electronically in the departments of economic development and municipalities, in addition to improving the quality of data of economic development departments.

5 - The legal aspect: It is concerned with the development of plans and time frames to finalize the drafting of legal updates and policies related to the initiative, and raise them for approval by the competent authorities.


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