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The Nigerian government has announced a new law for anyone who owns a car in Nigeria because of

The leading automaker, GAC Motor, launched the world's best 4x4 SUV in Africa at the launch ceremony on December 12 at the Eco Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ceremony was attended by a number of guests, including the King of Lagos, His Royal Highness Rilvan Akiolo, the Governor of Lagos Akinunmi Ambud State, the Minister of Information and Culture Ala Lai Muhammad, the Chinese Consul General in Nigeria Zhao Xiaoliang, the Nigerian Nobel Literature Prize Lauren Suinka, Aliko Danguti, economic and commercial adviser at the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos Liu Jiensheng.

"As a very well-known company and one of the leading automakers in China, GAC has once again shown the world its remarkable progress in R & D and strength in the field of SUVs," said Chinese Consul General Zhao at the ceremony.

Instead of importing vehicles directly from China, the GS4, which will be sold locally in Africa, will be assembled at Nigeria's SKD Motor Show, which was launched in November and successfully assembled the first installment of the GS4.

"I know that GAC Motor's GS4 is very popular in the Chinese market when I visited China in April to attend the China-Nigeria Roundtable," said Aderemy King, owner of Usugbo in Nigeria. To Nigeria in half a year, and is achieving local assembly production. We are very pleased to welcome such excellent Chinese companies as GAC Motor to offer the best quality products to Nigeria. "

Released globally at the North American International Motor Show in 2015, GS4 was produced with the best technologies and global resources from GAC Motor. A total of 37,000 GS4 cars were sold in China in November, and the car remained the second-most all-wheel-drive vehicle in the Chinese market. GAC Motors sold more than 427,000 GS4 cars in China as the fastest growing car model in a year and a half after being officially launched in the market.

"The launch of the GS4 in Nigeria not only strengthens GAC Motor's brand in the Nigerian market, but also paves the way for the company to expand into African markets," said Yo Joon, General Manager, GA Simotor.

"We bring superior products and services beyond expectations to Nigeria and our customers in Africa, and we believe that the GS4 brings safer, more comfortable flights and a new driving experience."

Nigeria was GAC's first step in building a sales and service network in Africa and is now part of the company's global network covering 14 countries in total. GAC Motor dealers have successfully brought a variety of leading cars to Nigeria since entering the market, and have received bulk orders from the government of Lagos, police stations and banks as official cars to demonstrate strong product quality and positive brand image. GAC Motor won the annual brand award in Nigeria by the Urban View Media Group, and the GS5 stunned audiences at the African Audience Awards, known as the Oscar for Africa in March when GAC Motor was chosen as the car sponsor Exclusive event.

As a fast-growing automotive industry with an average annual growth of 80 percent in the past five years, GAC Motor sold 335,000 vehicles between January and November 2016, representing a growth of 111% On an annual basis.

"GAC Motor continues to keep pace with the world from the very first day of its establishment, adhering to the original design and international standards in building a world-class automotive manufacturing system that focuses on GAC's global R & D network, supported by our strong production capabilities and global supply chain, Puts us on the path of high-end market-oriented growth, focusing on quality and innovation. "

GAC Motor plans to introduce high-end vehicles including the G8 and G8 to Africa from Nigeria, introduce more diverse options for local customers while further enhancing GAC's brand in Africa as well as its international development strategies.

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