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The UAE has announced five final conditions for permanent residency in the country, as well as investment without taxes for all nationalities, and these conditions must be met in full in order to obtain accommodation.

The UAE allows all expatriates to obtain their nationality in 2018 and 2019. According to informed sources, the source confirmed that expatriates are entitled to UAE citizenship under these conditions.

As the UAE is seeking to adopt a new policy in naturalization of residents in its territory focused on several criteria, most notably the need for the country for some rare specialties, quality of skills and level of education and the duration of residence and speak in Arabic.

Citizenship shall be acquired by law, by succession or by naturalization in accordance with these laws.

Applicants under the law are allowed to obtain permanent residence under these conditions:
First to be among the UAE's born

Be a citizen.

Be an adult investor and trader.

Be privileged.

To be from the GCC.

He is a citizen by law:
B. Born in the State or abroad to a father who is a citizen of the State by law.

(C) A person born in the State or abroad who is a mother of a citizen by virtue of the law and whose father has not been legally proven.

(D) A person born in the State or abroad from a mother who is a citizen by law and an unknown or non-national father;

(E) A person born in the State to unknown parents, and the litter is considered to be born therein unless the contrary is proven.

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